GSK Project Trent

The above office, meeting room and collaborative breakout areas were created within the Building 8 as part of the extensive remodelling and refurbishment works known as Project Trent.

GSK had identified that their specialist research work was to relocate to the R&D Hub at Stevenage to enable collocation of RU’s, IVIVT and Galvani, both studies and staff.

Architon LLP was initially appointed under an NDA by GSK for professional designer services during Inception and Feasibility stages due to the nature of the project scope. We however were then further commissioned through RIBA Stages 2 (Concept) to 6 (Handover), inclusive of successful Planning and Building Control approvals.

Architon prepared a number of options to address adjacency and circulation needs between office / labs, the vivarium and remainder of the GSK site. Ultimately, we developed the design for a central large modern open plan office and assorted meeting room suites on the First Floor, together with informal break out spaces on both First and Second Floors where Building 8 links back to the rest of the campus.

These works were facilitated by the addition of windows in the previously solid façade for which visuals and planning where completed.

The new office space creates a hub to the new IVIVT Laboratories, while breakout spaces between Buildings 6 and 8 provided a collaborative zone for the scientists.

To match the “Smart” and “Flexible” design principles in the labs, the desks are fed from service tiles in the ceiling. To address GSK environmental goals, as well as our sustainability principles, wherever possible furniture was reused, and refreshed, from the GSK Ware site.

These works were one of three parts of Project Trent which also Includes, Specialist and Office Space.








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